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  • Researchers Extol Future Promise Of Synthetic Drugs Over Natural Molecules That Could Have Cured Parkinson’s Disease Years Ago

    October 10, 2017: by Bill Sardi

    A Drug May Be In The Works To Prevent Death Of Dopamine-Making Cells In The Brain Responsible For Parkinson’s Disease, But In 2014 Researchers Showed These Cells Can Be Regenerated With A Little Help From Nature

    Oct. 9, 2017- Superlatives abound. The discovery announced today of the 3D makeup of a molecule called PINK1 that regenerates cell energy compartments called mitochondria is now reported in the science journal elife. Scientists are gushing all over themselves about the importance of this breakthrough that could lead to a cure for Parkinson’s disease.

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  • Do We Have A Cure For Alzheimer’s Disease?

    September 22, 2017: by Bill Sardi

    No, the substance of this report doesn’t emanate from Harvard Medical School and is being ignored and will predictably be dismissed by uninformed physicians whose livelihood is threatened by such a discovery.

    Denial and ridicule is the first phase of any scientific discovery, followed strong opposition and finally self-evident acceptance.  This discovery hasn’t even reached the first stage as it goes ignored.

    The acronym for the National Institutes of Health — NIH – more accurately means: “not invented here.”  The covert mission of the NIH is to block any remedy outside of synthetic molecules from gaining FDA approval.

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  • Mind Bending Drugs For Psycho Diets

    September 11, 2017: by Bill Sardi

    There is such a thing as a mental depression diet.  It’s called the American diet.  In response, physicians hand out anti-depressant pills making patients dependent on these pills for the remainder of their lives when their calorie-rich/nutrient poor diet is causing their problems.  Where does depression/anxiety emanate from? Not the brain but the intestines, what is now called the gut-brain axis.  In a misdirection, mood-altering drugs directly target neurotransmitters in the brain.

    Altered gut bacteria early in life, particularly from over-use of antibiotics that literally sterilize the gut, and modern sugar-laden carbohydrate-rich diets by virtue of their generation of low-grade chronic inflammation, increase the risk for a depressed mood and eventually losing one’s mind later in life.

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  • You Mean I Don’t Have To Grow Old?

    : by Bill Sardi

    Mirror, mirror on the wall,
    Why am I looking older
    When I don’t have to at all.

    Aging is scientifically optional.  If you missed that news headline that went round the world in the year 2000 you needlessly aged 17 years biologically.  That scientific breakthrough was only marginally put into practice by modern medicine and never fully adopted by the public.

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  • Can Football Wait For A Drug That Will Protect The Brain From Traumatic Injury?

    September 7, 2017: by Bill Sardi

    The pressure is mounting.  Professional football has set aside $1 billion to handle claims by retired NFL football players.  The legal profession is going to get up to 40% of that money. It will cover brain injuries incurred by 20,000 ex-NFL players.  But that doesn’t fix the ongoing problem of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and concussions and the problem is not just confined to professional football or football alone.

    Concussion Watch reports 199 concussions in the NFL in 2015, the most recent year data is reported.  But how many more concussions were there in college and high school football?  And it’s not just football, it’s also ice hockey, wrestling, basketball and other sports.

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  • Mini-Bulletin: Rich Oligarchs Receive Blood Transfusion From The Young In An Attempt To Restore Youthfulness & Prolong Life

    September 5, 2017: by Bill Sardi

    As predicted in a recent article at, rich oligarchs are getting blood from the young transfused into their bodies in an effort to turn the clock back on aging says a report in The Daily Mail.  The young blood transfusions emanate from experiments done with lab animals where an old and a young animal’s blood vessels are conjoined in a process called parabiosis.  The old mouse then becomes young again.  An infusion of a unit of blood from a 16-25 years old costs ~$8000 and candidates must be over 35 years of age.  Obviously, only the very rich will be able to undergo these transfusions.  For those who want to mimic the effect of young blood, the protein in the blood responsible for the age reversal effect has been identified as osteopontin, a protein that controls mineralization in the body.  Osteopontin makes “old blood young again.”  The red wine molecule resveratrol raises osteopontin levels.  Read the story at

  • See If You Can Catch The Misdirection In The Following Statement: “Humans Cannot Hope To Live Longer Than 115 Years Despite Medical Advances.”

    September 1, 2017: by Bill Sardi

    Notice the word “hope.”  Don’t be starting to expect you will live beyond what life insurance actuaries have planned or you will gum up their projected profitability schemes.

    Before readers even get past the first paragraph of this report, I can hear many saying in the back of their minds, “Oh, I never want to live that long.”

    That is because modern medicine has instilled into everyone’s mind an indellible image of wrinkled, feeble, drooling, mindless, incontinent, wheelchair-bound seniors as what they have to look forward to if they live exceptionally long.  If that is the negative image you have of old age, watch for my next report that takes you to a geographical place where humans simply defy the biological clock hands of time, don’t need doctoring and don’t even look their age.

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  • The Resveratrol Oracle Interprets Breaking Medical News Reports Published On August 29, 2017

    August 30, 2017: by Bill Sardi interviews the Resveratrol Oracle to interpret recent news reports concerning medical breakthroughs published on August 29, 2017.

    Background: Today August 29, 2017 was a special day in medical news because four different reports heralded seemingly breakthrough treatments for Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and heart attacks. went to the Oracle at the Temple at Delphi the ancient Greeks consulted for answers to important questions of their day, to provide us with interpretation of these modern events.

    As background information, the oracle was actually a person who prophesied from a specific location.  The oracle itself was a sunken space below the level of the Delphi Temple floor where the prophetess sat.  The visionary was seated on a tripod over a fissure in the ground from which gases escaped from below.  Her voice would change as she spoke, much like someone breathing in helium and then speaking.

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    August 23, 2017: by Bill Sardi

    FDA Approves Pro-Oxidant Dose Of Resveratrol Encapsulated To Reduce Gastrointestinal Side Effects To Treat Orphan Disease (Friedreich’s Ataxia)

    Capitalizing on relaxed requirements to gain FDA approval for orphan diseases (defined as a condition that affects fewer than 200,000 people nationwide), a Jupiter Florida drug company has been awarded FDA clearance to market a specially encapsulated form of resveratrol to treat a debilitating disease known as Friedreich’s ataxia.  Ataxia is a disease where full loss of control of body movements occurs.

    The resveratrol drug (JOT101) utilizes special encapsulation technology and excipients to allay gastrointestinal side effects produced by the pro-oxidant (5000 milligram) dose of resveratrol.  Improvements in measures of speech and hearing were noted in humans subjects given 5000 mg but not 1000 mg dose of resveratrol.

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  • Low & Moderate Calorie Diets + A Matrix Of Phytonutrients Prolongs Survival Of Laboratory Rats But Not The Diet Or Phytonutrients Alone

    : by Bill Sardi

    As reported in the European Journal of Cancer Prevention, a genetically bred group of rodents that had melanoma cancer cells injected under their skin given a low-calorie or moderate-calorie diet and/or a cocktail of phytonutrients (20 milligrams total of resveratrol, quercetin, catechin, curcumin added to chow) extended survival of these animals.  But the low and moderate calorie diets or multiple phytonutrients alone did not extend survival significantly.  The multiple phytonutrient combination was utilized to produce a synergistic (epigenetic) anti-cancer effect.  The composition of the diets is provided below.*

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