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  • Your Eyes, Heart, Arteries, Genes & Mitochondria On Longevinex®

    April 22, 2014: by Bill Sardi


    Source: Nutrients 2013, 5(6), 1989-2005

    Swelling and abnormal new blood vessel growth dramatically better with improved visual acuity, less visual distortion and improved visual acuity (from 20/70 to 20/50) within 7 weeks.

    Heart (animal)

    Source: Canadian Journal Physiology Pharmacology 2010 Nov; 88(11):1017-25.

    Longevinex® reduces the area of heart muscle scarring in a laboratory experiment of heart attack.


    Source: Nutrition Research 2011 Nov; 31(11):842-7.

    With increased blood flow Longevinex® widens arteries over and above that of prescription drugs or plain resveratrol
    Pressure cuff on forearm and ultrasound images of dilatation (widening) of brachial artery in millimeters and % increase

    Arteries on Longevinex

    Longevinex® abolishes inability of arteries to dilate (widen) when under physical or emotional stress (when heart rate and blood flow increases).


    Longevinex® gene activation

    Source: Oxidative Medicine & Cellular Longevity 2014; 345: 345105

    Genes on Longevinex

    Sirt3 (silent information regulator gene no. 3) is a gene that is linked to human longevity and Sirt1 is a gene activated by a life-prolonging calorie-restricted diet. The ink blots represent the amount of gene protein produced by resveratrol and Longevinex®.


    (Cell Energy Restoration)

    Source: Oxidative Medicine & Cellular Longevity 2014; 345: 345105

    By age 80 only ~4% of cell energizing mitochondria are active. Images show Longevinex® renews mitochondria in fission (divide) and fusion (linkage) process.

    Mitochondria on Longevinex

    Green areas are Sirtuin3 gene protein. Arrows indicate areas where resveratrol and Longevinex® split mitochondria in first stage of renewal process.

    Mitochondria on Longevinex

    Panels C thru E display images of how Longevinex® renews cell-energizing compartments (mitochondria) in living cells.

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