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  • Why research on resveratrol-mediated cardioprotection should not decelerate

    May 2, 2012: by Bill Sardi

    Dr. Thomas Netticadan
    Canadian Centre for Agri-food Research
    in Health and Medicine,
    Winnipeg, Manitoba

    Thank you for your comments published at Canadian Journal Physiology & Pharmacology regarding resveratrol research.  ( )

    Let it be said that:

    1. University of Connecticut withdrew its online allegations against Dr. Das once confronted with inconsistencies in their 49-page summary about the alleged scientific fraud.
    2. Investigation into the allegations solely involve with western blot images that deal with mechanisms involving resveratrol-induced cardioprotection and do not invalidate the conclusion that resveratrol, in an unusual way apart from aspirin or statin drugs, protects the heart prior to an adverse event.
    3. The bar charts that quantify the western blot findings were never in question, only the western blot images, which were enhanced at the request of journal editors for publication (visualization) purposes.  All of the online western blots displayed by the University of Connecticut involved enhanced images and the original images were not available for comparison.  There can be no fair evaluation without the original western blot images.  University of Connecticut seized Dr. Das’ computer and has failed to deliver the original western blot images for independent analysis to date.  Inexplicably, the university claims to have sent Dr Das their only disc of original western blot images, which he denies receiving.
    4. University of Connecticut over-stepped by initially saying the allegedly enhanced western blot images invalidated all research involving cardioprotection by resveratrol.
    5. The University of Connecticut is contacting journals to retract all of Dr Das’ articles published over a 40-year period, even though the original data involving these reports are not available as record storage is only required for 5 years.  It is impossible for Dr. Das to defend himself against allegations that involve research that was published years ago.  This suggests some sort of censorship or “book burning” exercise.  The university is out to erase good science, not just call into question western blot images.
    6. The university allegations that Dr. Das fabricated science to gain research grant money is false on its face.  Dr. Das was pre-funded and very little NIH money was used in his research.
    7. Dr. Das was not allowed to present evidence of an expert witness before a scientific review panel.
    8. Inexplicably, 8 years after a Harvard scientist linked a red wine molecule with life extension in yeast cells, and red wine is widely known for its reduction in the risk for coronary artery disease death, and resveratrol as the key molecule in red wine, there has not been a single human clinical trial of resveratrol in cardiology.
    9. Unknown parties entered false information to Wikipedia, claiming Dr. Das had been found guilty of 145-counts of scientific fraud before his final hearings before a scientific review panel.  Contrary to that Wikipedia report, the Office of Research Integrity at the NIH is not launching an independent review of Dr. Das’ work.   The university produced a 60,000 page document that included all of the allegations of scientific fraud which none of the review panel members or Dr. Das could possibly review in its entirety.
    10. The university chose to conduct a press conference to air the allegations against Dr. Das when he was out of the country and unable to properly defend himself.  Only two news sources sought and published his side of the story (Retraction Watch and the Hartford Courant).
    11. Dr. Das is unable to file a lawsuit against the university because it is immune from prosecution.  The university is defended by the Attorney General of the State of Connecticut.

    Bill Sardi
    Managing Partner
    Resveratrol Partners LLC
    Las Vegas, NV

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