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  • Single Dose Of Resveratrol 14 Days Prior To A Stroke Minimizes Brain Damage

    July 15, 2015: by Bill Sardi

    Researchers are astounded once again by resveratrol’s ability to protect living cells from damage due to heart attacks and strokes.  In the most recently published experiment, a single dose of resveratrol given to laboratory mice 14 days prior to an intentionally induced stroke reduced brain damage caused by an intentionally induced stroke by 33%.  Every other day dosing of resveratrol reduced area of brain damage to a similar degree (27%).  In other animal studies resveratrol has also been shown to protect against stroke when administered after a stroke.

    The biological mechanism that resveratrol exerts is called preconditioning.  It is well known that a mild blockage of circulation to heart or brain tissue prior to a major stroke or heart attack activates internal antioxidant defenses and limits tissue damage.  Resveratrol molecularly mimics this effect and would be suitable for prevention.

    Millions of adults are at increased risk for stroke, particularly individuals with high blood pressure, atrial fibrillation and diabetes, who could be placed on prophylactic resveratrol therapy.  It would be unethical to conduct a human trial where half of the subjects would take resveratrol and another half would not. Such a study would also be impractical and costly and would have to enroll thousands of subjects over a long period of time to make a determination.  [Stroke July 9, 2015]  – ©2015 Bill Sardi,

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