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  • Resveratrol Tops List Of Natural Anti-Viral Agents To Quell Colds And The Flu

    January 11, 2016: by Bill Sardi

    The ineffectiveness and side effects of flu vaccines has resulted in lack of public demand for flu shots.  Today, less than half of Americans believe flu shots will help them avoid illness and a third don’t believe they will protect them at all.  [Harris Poll, WebMD Dec 15, 2015]  The ineffectiveness of the flu vaccine has been well documented. [Knowledge of Health]

    Outside of vaccines, a limited number of antiviral drugs are available and the problem of drug resistance looms.  The widely used drug Tamiflu has been declared ineffective. [BBC News April 10, 2014]

    A search for alternatives reveals natural molecules such as resveratrol and quercetin, found in red wine grapes and red apple peel and available as dietary supplements, strongly inhibit influenza A & B viruses at the lowest tested concentration without inducing treatment resistance.  [Antiviral Research Nov 2010] Resveratrol has drawn particular interest by researchers who claim it is a “useful antiviral compound for new drug design and influenza treatment.” [Chemical Biology Drug Design April 2015]

    One wonders why a person would voluntarily consent to injection of a potentially deadly flu virus, albeit presented as a vaccine, when strong natural antiviral agents that are safe and effective at very low dose are widely available?

    Cold viruses (rhinoviruses, adenoviruses and coronaviruses) are also strongly inhibited by resveratrol.  [Antiviral Research Nov 2015; Journal Chinese Medicinal Materials 2008]

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