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    July 26, 2013: by Bill Sardi

    Researchers at the University of Copenhagen say they take my allegations of maligned science very seriously.  They weakly defend their preposterous claim that resveratrol produces a significant reversal of the effects of physical exercise.  Here is my response to their email:

    To: Mr. Gliemann (student, PhD candidate):

    Maybe you have learned to fool yourself with your own numbers.

    At no time did resveratrol meaningfully (but maybe, just barely, statistically) negate the effects of exercise.

    The fact less oxygen was delivered to tissues (maximum oxygen uptake) is how resveratrol works to produce antioxidant effect.  Can you truly say resveratrol induced ischemia (damage to tissue due to lack of oxygen)?

    If not intentional, you are completely deluded by the science of numbers versus what would be called a clinical response.  Just exactly which number your research team produced provides evidence that resveratrol increases a risk factor for disease in any meaningful way?

    Your team may be using existing guidelines, but yes, they are outdated.  I cited evidence that LDL and other measures of cholesterol are simply not related to mortality, which is the gold standard in cardiovascular disease.  I cited Dr. John Abramson’s paper (Harvard professor) that evaluated the top ten cholesterol-lowering drug studies and showed there was no decline in mortality from coronary artery disease.  These long-standing markers of heart disease need to be abandoned.  Circulating cholesterol does not equate with plaque cholesterol.  There is greater evidence that coronary artery calcium, not cholesterol, is a valid marker and predictor of future heart attacks and cardiac death.  The blind cannot follow the blind and then maintain that is a measure of health or disease.  Your research team is just part of a huge misdirection in medicine that misleads the public over the cause of heart disease.  That you are all misdirected is no defense.

    These were otherwise healthy but sedentary males.  In healthy adult males cholesterol reduction with statin drugs (liver toxin) averts 1 non-mortal heart attack among 200 who take the medication.  The slight difference in LDL cholesterol numbers (still within the “desirable” range according to The American Heart Association) between exercise and exercise+ resveratrol would equate with what?  How many more would experience a heart attack or die?  Answer: zero.

    Bill Sardi, editor, Resveratrol

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