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  • Researchers Test Resveratrol In Lab Dishes, Say Resveratrol Is Disappointing

    May 5, 2014: by Bill Sardi

    Added to the growing body of bad resveratrol science, researchers in China put resveratrol to the test in laboratory dishes. They test red wine and red wine with 10-fold more added resveratrol and mistakenly conclude that resveratrol offered less antioxidant activity than red wine. The investigators conclude that: “resveratrol may offer negligible health benefits compared to red wine (paraphrased).” [Food Chemistry Aug 1, 2014]

    Fact: resveratrol is not a strong antioxidant. It works by provoking a mild biological stress, mimicking food deprivation, which in turn activates a gene switch (Nrf2) that triggers the production of internal enzymatic antioxidants (catalase, glutathione and superoxide dismutase). [Current Molecular Medicine Dec. 2011]

    These researchers certainly must know of the so-called hormesis effect where a mild biological stressor provokes a major protective response in the human body via the Nrf2 gene transcription factor.   The call must be out in the research communicity to disparage resveratrol. It is all part of a hidden agenda to warn the public away from resveratrol in dietary supplements and advise them to wait for a resveratrol-like drug. ©2014 Bill Sardi,

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