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  • Researchers Confirm Overmineralization Theory Of Aging With Discovery Sirtuin-3 Gene Controls Iron

    July 7, 2014: by Bill Sardi

    In confirmation of the overmineralization theory of aging Harvard Medical School Researchers report that the Sirtuin-3 survival gene, which has been positively linked with longevity in humans, controls iron metabolism in living cells. [Oncogene June 9, 2014]

    The Sirtuin-3 gene is known as a mitochondrial gene.  There are a few hundred mitochondria in living cells.  They produce cellular energy in the form of adenotriphosphate (ATP).

    By virtue of its ability to control iron the Sirtuin-3 gene reduces oxidation, suppresses tumor growth and helps to renew old mitochondria in a process called mitogenesis.

    To prove their experiment researchers removed the Sirtuin-3 gene from living cells.  They observed an increase in cellular iron and oxidation.  The increased oxidation could be completely negated by a strong antioxidant (N-acetyl cysteine).  Elevated intracellular iron levels were negated by the use of iron chelators (key-lay-torz).

    More than 90% of the oxidation that occurs within living cells occurs within the mitochondria.  By age 80 only about 4% of mitochondria are functional.

    In 2013 researchers described the Sirtuin-3 as a “forever young” gene that protects the mitochondria from meltdown, aging and brain disorders.” [Frontiers Aging Neuroscience Sept 2013]

    While diets could be developed to enhance Sirtuin-3 gene activity researchers lament that Western dietary habits are from conducive for optimal activation of Sirtuin-3.  Calorie restricted diets activate Sirtuin-3 and prolong healthspan and lifespan in laboratory animals but may be impractical.  Researchers are calling for molecular mimics that activate Sirtuin-3 to promote healthy aging.

    Resveratrol is the most studied Sirtuin-3 gene activator.  [Cell Death & Disease Feb 2014]  A resveratrol-based matrix has been shown to activate the Sirtuin-3 gene 295% better than plain resveratrol, giving rise to the prospect of a widely available and economical anti-aging pill for the masses. [ResveratrolNews June 30, 2011] – ©2014 Bill Sardi,


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