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  • Report That Alcohol Is Not Heart Healthy For Most People Requires Re-think

    November 14, 2014: by Bill Sardi

    Reporting in the journal ALCOHOL, researchers at the University of Gothenberg incorrectly conclude that alcohol and red wine offers little benefit to healthy people seeking to keep their hearts healthy. Their study measured reduction of HDL cholesterol and presumed reduction of coronary heart disease. [Alcohol Nov. 2014] A news headline says: “Bad News For People Who Think Alcohol Is Healthy.”   [Huffington Post Nov 13, 32014] But the conclusion of their study should have been that HDL cholesterol, not alcohol, has little effect on coronary heart disease.

    It was Dr. Serge Renaud of France who reported in the early 1990s that it was not alcohol’s ability to alter HDL (high density lipoproteins) that protected French wine drinkers from dying of coronary heart disease but rather wine and alcohol’s ability to prevent blood clots in coronary arteries. [Lancet June 20, 1992]

    The incidence of coronary heart disease mortality in France at that time was 90 per 100,000 versus 240 per 100,000 in North America. Renaud reported on mortality, the University of Gothenberg researchers reported on occurrence of coronary artery disease as measured by HDL cholesterol.

    Scratch what you just read in the news headlines that wine offers no health benefit to healthy adults in regard to heart disease.

    Oddly, the university-based researchers failed to comment on the most striking factoid of their study – that the occurrence of coronary heart disease was only 2.6-4.4% among females and males without diabetes and 17.2-18.2% among female and male diabetics. – © Bill Sardi,

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