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  • Low & Moderate Calorie Diets + A Matrix Of Phytonutrients Prolongs Survival Of Laboratory Rats But Not The Diet Or Phytonutrients Alone

    August 23, 2017: by Bill Sardi

    As reported in the European Journal of Cancer Prevention, a genetically bred group of rodents that had melanoma cancer cells injected under their skin given a low-calorie or moderate-calorie diet and/or a cocktail of phytonutrients (20 milligrams total of resveratrol, quercetin, catechin, curcumin added to chow) extended survival of these animals.  But the low and moderate calorie diets or multiple phytonutrients alone did not extend survival significantly.  The multiple phytonutrient combination was utilized to produce a synergistic (epigenetic) anti-cancer effect.  The composition of the diets is provided below.*

    The median survival time for the low-calorie (24.7 days) and low –calorie + phytonutrient (28.0 days) exceeded that of the control group (22.8 days).

    Blood sugar and insulin levels were lower (106 and 10) in the moderate calorie + multiple phytonutrient diet group than the control group (148 and 18).

    Explanation of photo images above: moderate calorie diet + phytochemicals started two-weeks prior to the injected melanoma cells reaching the liver (group 2) versus starting the moderate calorie diet + phytonutrients after tumors began to grow in the liver (group 1) increased survival from 36 to 45 days (+25%).  Use of synergistic small molecule polyphenols + a reduced calorie diet extended survival of laboratory animals but not the diet or phytonutrients alone.

    * Diets

    Control diet (62% carbohydrates; 24% protein, 13% fat)

    Control diet + phytochemicals (resveratrol, quercetin, catechin, curcumin)

    Low calorie diet (16% carbohydrates), 55% protein and 28% fat)

    Low calorie diet + phytochemicals

    Moderate calorie diet (32% carbohydrates; 62% protein and 6% fat)

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