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  • Falsely-Created Demand For Resveratrol Pills Spawns Widespread Interest in Fortifying Foods and Beverages with Resveratrol. But Is It Safe?

    May 11, 2009: by ResveratrolNews

    There are over 100 brands of resveratrol pills on the market, but only one is selling vigorously —ResV.  And that is because of online fraud.

    With the appearance of widespread interest in resveratrol in the aftermath of extolling report on CBS’ 60 Minutes, the Barbara Walters show and the Oprah show, budding entrepreneurs see an opportunity to add resveratrol to everything ranging from skin creams to bottled water.  But the whole boom in resveratrol appears to be falsely created.

    There was little public interest shown in resveratrol pills even after they were given glowing reports on CBS’ 60 Minutes, the Barbara Walters show and a go-ahead by Dr. Oz on the Oprah Winfrey TV show.

    It was only when spammers began barraging the American public with misleading advertising for a brand of resveratrol pill called ResV, accompanied by a free 15-day trial offer that lures consumers into $87 monthly charges being added to one’s credit card bill, that public demand began to rise.

    But none of this dulls the magic of resveratrol.  If pharmaceutical companies stand by and do nothing and the public begins to adopt resveratrol-based products into their daily health regimens, there will be little need for prescription drugs.  This molecule would virtually replace better than 95% of all pharmaceuticals.

    So why not put resveratrol in candy and food bars, drinks, even add some to wine?

    Neophyte entrepreneurs are ignorant tof regulations regarding molecules like resveratrol.  To be added to foods or beverages they must be granted GRAS (generally regarded as safe) status.  Resveratrol has not achieved GRAS status, nor should it ever.

    Resveratrol is a copper chelator (key-lay-tor).  It removes unbound copper molecules from the blood circulation.  This is OK if a person has too much stored copper.  But use of resveratrol in high doses could impair availability of copper to produce collagen or make red blood cells.  Signs of anemia have emanated from users of high-dose resveratrol pills.  Achilles’ heel tendonitis is widely reported also among mega-dose users.

    Growing children and pregnant moms need extra minerals, not less.  It’s possible that the higher doses of resveratrol in pills might be employed in foods and beverages and result in birth defects and stunt the growth of children.

    Resveratrol is appropriate for full-grown males and post-menopausal females.  Overseas manufacturers of resveratrol have no idea of its intended use here in the U.S.

    Americans see an opportunity — add resveratrol to most everything.  Before you waste your time and energy, the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms forbids the addition of resveratrol to wines and GRAS status stands in the way of incorporating resveratrol into foods.  Small amounts of resveratrol as found in foods, such a 1 milligram per glass of red wine, would likely be permissible.  Before you get wrapped up into the idea of introducing the next big resveratrol-based product, obtain legal counsel from an attorney who specializes in food and drug law.

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