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  • Three Molecules for Survival

    March 31, 2021: by Bill Sardi

    Small Molecules Like Resveratrol, Fisetin, Quercetin Address All Mutant Strains Of Coronavirus And Activate More Survival Genes Than A Dump Truck Load Of Rx Drugs

    As the world has learned in the past year, when forced to use natural remedies like vitamins C & D and zinc because there were no prescription drugs or vaccines at hand that specifically address a newly mutated coronavirus, the world experienced a massive decline in heart attacks, the inexplicable vanishment of influenza-related deaths (flu deaths were massively overstated anyway and the flu was recategorized as a coronavirus), and other respiratory diseases, cancers and common maladies faded away.  And there were no mass side effects reported from consumption of these natural remedies as predicted by health agencies that warn the public away from these nutraceuticals.

    The pandemic unwittingly revealed how many false diagnoses and how much unnecessary care is really being delivered.  Even better than 50% of the coronavirus cases were false positives.  The racketeering of modern medicine has been exposed.

    Nor has modern medicine called itself out for the current politicization of respiratory disease and vaccination.  This pandemic is certainly not above politics, at the cost of many lives.

    In an effort to explain away the disappearance of the flu one news report explained it this way:

    “The why of it isn’t really a mystery. Probably. Most likely, all the mask wearing, physical distancing, handwashing, and other “non-pharmaceutical interventions” that everyone—OK, almost everyone—did to prevent the spread of Covid-19 also put the kibosh on those other viruses.”

    Really, hand washing, face masks and distancing selectively eradicated the flu but not a mutated coronavirus?  Those are smart face masks!

    The medical community responded by saying the masses were afraid of going to the hospital and being exposed to a reportedly mortal virus.  The public endured their strokes and heart attacks at home say news reports, which is not a plausible explanation.

    Drugs: Narrow targets, broad side effects

    Few people realize the drugs they are prescribed are narrowly targeted synthetic and therefore patentable single molecules designed to curb symptoms but not causes of a disease.  Most drugs are formulated to produce dependency, life-long use and the greatest profitability.

    Drugs are prescribed within a system of medical specialists who diagnose and treat disease based on anatomical geography.  Yet targeted drugs prescribed for the heart and brain, for example, have narrow activity but broad systemic side effects.

    Distribution of pharmaceuticals is built around profiteering rather than a curative paradigm.  Most drugs are paid for by insurance compared to herbal remedies that are an out-of-pocket expense.

    Herbal molecules, often described in derogatory language as being “unproven” (but not disproven, as traditional use over many decades validates their safety), are actually far safer than Rx drugs.

    Drug Watch provides the following chart showing the serious side effects associated with prescription drugs.

    Table: Drugs - serious side effects

    Meanwhile the U.S. Poison Control Centers report annually that herbal remedies produce a small number of serious side effects and deaths, most from intentional or accidental (young child) overdose.  Compare this to drugs that were associated with 64,000 deaths from overdose (2016 data).

    The bias against natural remedies is so strong that the FDA even recalled a natural remedy (kava kava) used for anxiety based on the report of a single patient who experienced a side effect.

    Between 2011-2017 the FDA received more than 5.4 million reports of prescription drug adverse events, including more than 1 million deaths (some were due to overdose or misuse).  If herbal products were associated with that many fatalities, they would have been removed from the marketplace long ago.

    Distinct advantages of herbal molecules over synthetic drugs

    Small herbal-derived molecules exhibit distinct advantages over synthetic drugs because they have broad biological and genetic activity that help the entire body stay healthy.

    Talk about gene therapy — small natural molecules like resveratrol from grapes, quercetin from apple peel, and fisetin from strawberries, are able to pass through cell walls and enter the nucleus to influence genetic machinery.


    These three small molecules activate the master survival gene (Sirtuin1) in the human body whether there be a threat from germs, toxins, starvation, overeating, alcohol, or aging.  A recent report published in Frontiers in Pharmacology stated:

    In vitro (lab dish) and in vivo (live animal) studies as well as clinical trials in humans show that SIRTUIN1-activating natural compounds derived from natural sources could preserve human health and might prove beneficial for the prevention and treatment of a plethora of human diseases.”

    When combined, these molecules work synergistically, not just additively.  In one study low-doses of these molecules were ineffective individually but demonstrably effective when used together!

    For example, when resveratrol was given to laboratory mice it activated 225 longevity genes, but when administered with quercetin and rice bran IP6, resveratrol activated 677 of 831 longevity genes.  Nature always provides an array of molecules, not singular molecules like drugs do.


    Below is a chart showing a side-by-side comparison of selected pharmaceutical drugs and herbal remedies.

    Table: Pharmaceutical drugs vs Herbal remedies

    Of note:

    • Herbal remedies do not end up inducing drug resistance.
    • Herbal remedies are very economical
    • Herbal remedies address human aging which is the chief cause of all chronic disease
    • A single herbal remedy could potentially replace many Rx drugs
    • Resveratrol alone, known as a red wine molecule, blocks all three stages of cancer (initiation, growth and spread), something no Rx drug can claim.
    • Not only do herbal remedies address many diseases, they address more than one cause of a particular disease.  For example, resveratrol blocks all of the known factors involved in COVID-19 infection.

    For the heart:

    One group of researchers suggests the production of resveratrol-fortified wine which would replace stabilizing sulfites.


    The whack-a-mole approach of tailoring vaccines for each and every genetic strain is futile.  Unlike vaccines, the three aforementioned herbal molecules, fisetin, quercetin (considered a “lead candidate”); and resveratrol (alters gut bacteria in lungs and gut), mount a defense against all mutant strains of COVID-19 infection.  There are more than 4,000 variants of COVID-19, all inhibited by the aforementioned natural molecules.

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