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  • Resveratrol Works In A Similar Manner To A Popular Antidepressant Drug

    January 21, 2016: by Bill Sardi

    In 2009 I wrote about resveratrol theoretically replacing marijuana because this red wine molecule targets the same cell receptor site (endocannabinoid receptor) as marijuana and its chief molecule cannabis or more specifically tetrahydrocannabinol. []

    When I wrote that report over six years ago there was not all the public interest in cannabis as there is today with legalization in some US States.   So this topic is worthy of a scientific update.

    As an update, a recent report compares the ability of resveratrol to target the cannabinoid cell surface receptor as amitriptyline (Elavil), a popular antidepressant and nerve pain medication.  [Psychopharmacology Jan 20, 2016]

    The reason for the comparison is an intense search for safer and less problematic “medicines” to address mood problems.

    The two brain cell targets chosen by researchers were nerve growth factor (NGF) which regulates cognitive (thinking) functions and stress, and the endocannabinoid receptor which is involved in a variety mood disorders and emotional status.

    A positive effect in raising nerve growth factor (NGF) and activation of the cannabinoid receptor was not measured immediately, but after 4 weeks as measured 24 hours after the last dose was applied, there was a significant rise in NGF which was maintained for 48 hours in brain cells.

    While researchers concede that this data is based on an animal lab study the human clinical data available regarding resveratrol’s positive effects on diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease appear to correlate with animal studies.   Researchers conclude that resveratrol is “similar to the conventional antidepressant Elavil (amitriptyline)” as they both work in a similar manner.

    In recent times there have been lines of thousands of people waiting to get legal cannabis, but no line reported for resveratrol.  ©2016 Bill Sardi,

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