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  • Resveratrol Pills Fade To Black

    November 8, 2013: by Bill Sardi

    In 2003 when a Harvard professor first heralded resveratrol (rezvair-ah-trol) as the key molecule in red wine that was both responsible for the French Paradox (the fact the wine-drinking French experienced a far lower rate of mortality from coronary artery disease than North Americans) and it also molecularly mimics a calorie-restricted diet, one would have bet it would be an up and coming dietary supplement or maybe even an FDA-approved drug.  It had been touted as the only molecule found to block the development of all three stages of cancer (initiation, growth and spread) in 1997.

    But ten years later, after researchers repeatedly (and falsely) claimed resveratrol is not biologically available,  and after it was intentionally overdosed animals and even humans to produce negative studies, and a leading researcher was falsely accused of scientific fraud, sales of this promising natural molecule are in steep decline.  Three years ago sales of resveratrol supplements were estimated at $30,000,000 and have now dropped below $18,000,000.

    According to the Natural Medicines Database there are over 400 brands of resveratrol pills chasing less than 100,000 consumers who regularly take red wine pills.

    Resveratrol is in a class of natural molecules called polyphenols which are known as mineral chelators (key-lay-torz) and as small molecules can pass through cell walls and favorably activate hundreds of genes.

    52-week sales of polyphenols ending 1/19/2013 (Source: SPINS)

    Conventional Distribution

    Natural Outlets

    Green teas and supplements (EGCG)



    Green coffee extract















    Turmeric (curcumin)









    Pycnogenol (pine bark)


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