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  • The Resveratrol Oracle Interprets Breaking Medical News Reports Published On August 29, 2017

    August 30, 2017: by Bill Sardi interviews the Resveratrol Oracle to interpret recent news reports concerning medical breakthroughs published on August 29, 2017.

    Background: Today August 29, 2017 was a special day in medical news because four different reports heralded seemingly breakthrough treatments for Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and heart attacks. went to the Oracle at the Temple at Delphi the ancient Greeks consulted for answers to important questions of their day, to provide us with interpretation of these modern events.

    As background information, the oracle was actually a person who prophesied from a specific location.  The oracle itself was a sunken space below the level of the Delphi Temple floor where the prophetess sat.  The visionary was seated on a tripod over a fissure in the ground from which gases escaped from below.  Her voice would change as she spoke, much like someone breathing in helium and then speaking.

    The ancient tradition of consulting the Oracle at Delphi cannot be scientifically dismissed outright or completely characterized as antiquated.  Scientific investigation suggests the oracle tapped into an endogenous internal biological mechanism to achieve insights into questions that prevailed at that time.  To learn more, read the report entitled: THE ORACLE AT DELPHI: WAS SHE REALLY STONED?

    What is the connection between the Oracle at Delphi and resveratrol? Scientific investigations reveal low-level exposure to radon gas that naturally escapes from clefts and fissures in the earth has profound reported health benefits that may include unusual mental faculties.

    A mild biological challenge (food deprivation, low-dose radiation such as from radon or other terrestrial gases, or molecular mimics of the same like resveratrol) may activate extraordinary defenses and temporarily yield supra-normal mental faculties.

    So recruited a designated “learned one” and went to the remains of the Temple at Delphi where incense from Giant Knotweed (a natural source of resveratrol) was also burned.  The astonishing interview of this visionary is presented below J. Tell us wise one, the first news report we chose to ask you about today claims “An end to Alzheimer’s disease.”  How much truth is there to this claim?

    Resveratrol Oracle: the news report says researchers may have discovered the “ground zero” of Alzheimer’s disease” a treatment that could “halt the disease in its tracks.” Sounds like you are being set up for something doesn’t it?  I mean they haven’t discovered anything to halt this disease in decades and only have ineffective drugs (which doctors still prescribe) and a new drug is suddenly heralded as a certain cure before a human clinical study is completed.  It is a setup by the Pharma-News Industry to prep the public and make them apply political pressure for approval of an upcoming drug trial that is in its final stages.

    Here is what researchers discovered.  The abnormal accumulation of tau protein is implicated in this brain disease.  An enzyme called MMP3 (matrix metalloproteinase-3) is involved.  MMP3 breaks down the substance surrounding brain cells (extracellular matrix) and is involved in the disposal of tau protein.  Elevated brain levels of MMP-3 might result in increased MMP-9 activity and indirectly facilitate tau aggregation (clumping).  Researchers found when they added the extracellular material to brain cells (cortical material) the tau protein clumped up (aggregated) as cells became overloaded with calcium.

    What they are not telling you is that I if you search the National Library of Medicine online you will find reports that resveratrol decreases MMP9.

    Medical news reporters aren’t interested in this finding as they are part of the medical/news industrial complex that covertly does the bidding for the pharmaceutical industry.  Far less expensive natural remedies like resveratrol will be shunned, even castigated as scientific fraud. A second news report suggests an injection of a hormone-like protein made naturally in bone, osteocalcin, reverses memory loss in laboratory mice and “could pave way for a new drug to treat age-related cognitive decline.” What do you make of this discovery?

    Resveratrol Oracle:  Osteocalcin synthesis declines with advancing age, beginning at age 30 in females and age 50 in males.

    Osteocalcin helps build new bone but also aids in the regulation of insulin.

    Since osteocalcin binds to a receptor in the hippocampus in the brain it is no surprise the memory of these lab animals dramatically improved.  The hippocampus is known as the brain’s memory center.

    It has been demonstrated in laboratory animals that an adequate dose of resveratrol will help restore osteocalcin as they age. Resveratrol works equally as well as estrogen to produce osteocalcin and maintain bone integrity.

    No news reporter is going to dig up this kind of information as the drug companies are obviously planning to introduce a blockbuster osteocalcin-like drug.  However, that drug is not likely to be approved any time soon.  It will likely take years to gain approval.   Even natural osteocalcin could be used, probably without side effect, but a natural molecule can’t be patented and can be synthetically made by any other drug company.

    Pharmaceutical companies will try to make an osteocalcin-like drug, called an analog.  But resveratrol is widely available, affordable and non-problematic.  No news reporter is going to have a career in journalism if they point to resveratrol as a natural alternative to osteocalcin. the third news report warned that the over-the-counter anti-inflammatory painkiller ibuprofen (Motrin) raises the risk of heart disease, strokes and high blood pressure among arthritis sufferers.  These “cheap pills may have deadly consequences” said one news report.

    Patients receiving ibuprofen had a 61 per cent higher incidence of hypertension compared to those receiving another pain reliever, Celebrex.  Your comments please.

    Resveratrol Oracle:  The public will never hear of a study that compared the ability of various drugs and natural molecules to quell inflammation.  When compared against aspirin, ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil), naproxen (Aleve), indomethacin (Indocin), curcumin (turmeric spice), dexamethasone (Decadron), celecoxib (Celebrex) and other molecules, resveratrol exhibited superior anti-inflammatory action to all other anti-inflammatory agents studied and did so at the lowest (safest) concentrated dose.  That study was published over a decade ago and buried in the closet of ignored research studies.  The fourth and final news report published on August 29, 2017 is about a “new way to kill cancer that is better than chemotherapy.”  Please give us your insights.

    Resveratrol Oracle:  Researchers say they found a protein that enables chemotherapy to kill tumour cells ‘silently,’ without toxicity.

    The report says: “Although many cancer treatments work by triggering apoptosis (cell death), that method sometimes fails to finish the job and instead may lead to the tumor becoming more difficult to treat.  The new method of killing cancer cells, called ‘Caspase Independent Cell Death (CICD),’ is described in the journal Nature Cell Biology.”

    Resveratrol has been demonstrated to induce “caspase independent apoptosis” (programmed cell death).  Resveratrol works synergistically with a drug that does the same thing.  But the public is never going to read about that. so you mean to tell us that all four news headlines extolling new drugs as published by the news media on a single day (Aug. 29, 2017), news blurbs that claim drugs may someday safely vanquish pain and inflammation, kill off cancer cells non-toxically, and maintain memory and top mental performance throughout life, can be replicated by resveratrol today as an available dietary supplement?

    Resveratrol Oracle:  you didn’t need to consult with an oracle to find this out.  But science makes no difference.  Science is on resveratrol’s side.  The science is over the public’s head.  The public is going to run to their doctors and ask his/her opinion and he/she will protect their incomes and predictably say resveratrol remains unproven.

    Doctors need patients that must come to them for prescriptions.  That keeps their waiting room full.  Modern medicine’s shell game of one drug for each and every disease is over if the public opts for resveratrol pills on their own.

    The only drawback is that there are 510 brands of resveratrol pills of variable quality, shelf stability, dosage, effectiveness and safety.  Only one resveratrol brand has even cleared toxicity testing as the FDA has urged.

    Excessively high doses of resveratrol don’t yield more health benefits and may induce transient side effects (Achilles heel tendonitis, frontal headache, skin rash, anxiety reactions and flu-like symptoms).  But regardless, resveratrol pills have been sold for over a decade now and are not reported to induce any serious side effects (hospitalization or death).  Resveratrol pills are safer than aspirin and in fact are a safer alternative to aspirin.

    Only a few hundred thousand Americans include resveratrol in their daily health regimens compared to 50 million that take aspirin and many more millions of Americans that take drugs that can be replaced by resveratrol.   The physician/pharmaceutical industry is aware of this vulnerability to their income schemes.  The cost of healthcare has soared beyond affordability.  Health insurance pools are ready to bust.  The public remains paralyzed.  Resveratrol is Big Pharma’s nightmare.  What bank runs are to J.P. Morgan, resveratrol is to the reigning medical-pharmaceutical industrial complex.  Thank you oracle. J

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