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  • Resveratrol may be only hope for Senator John McCain

    July 20, 2017: by Bill Sardi

    If 80-year old John McCain undergoes the same care Joseph “Beau” Biden and Ted Kennedy underwent for their brain tumors, he is a walking dead man.

    This aggressive form of brain cancer (glioblastoma) has a dire prognosis.  There is no cure and treatment is only directed at relieving pain and suffering.  With optimal treatment GB patients have a median survival of less than 1 year (3-year survival is only 2%).

    Glioblastoma affects the star-shaped astrocytes that comprise the glue-like support tissue in the brain.  Glioblastoma is typically fast growing due to the formation of abnormal blood vessels (a process called angiogenesis) that feed the tumor.  Anti-angiogenic drugs have only delayed but not cured this form of cancer.

    The red wine molecule resveratrol (rez-vair-ah-trol) may be the only hope for Senator McCain.  Resveratrol was first identified as a therapeutic agent for GB in 2005 as the only agent that has been found to suppress all three stages of the disease — initiation, growth and spread of this type of cancer.

    Why resveratrol remains unused except for experimental use in the animal lab goes unexplained as it is safe and non-toxic and current therapy offers no hope for a long-term cure.  Twelve years later resveratrol is still being extolled as a potential cure for GB but goes unused in the oncology clinic.   What harm could come from its use in an otherwise hopeless case?

    Surgery is very successful at removal of the primary tumor mass but not the tumor process.  Resveratrol knocks the stuffing out of GB by inhibiting its spread and invasiveness.  A report published in 2015 says a drug is needed in to inhibit growth in between chemotherapy (temozolomide) treatments and identified resveratrol as the target drug.

    A leading brand of resveratrol, Longevinex®, was demonstrated to inhibit microRNA20b that inhibits the growth of blood vessels that feed GB tumors six times stronger than plain resveratrol.  Longevinex® has been shown to safely cause abnormal blood vessels to recede in the eyes of older patients.  — ©2017 Bill Sardi,

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