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  • Resveratrol Abolishes Cancer Cells Via Activation of Natural Killer Cells

    October 4, 2020: by Bill Sardi

    Anti-Cancer Drug Resistance Quelled by Resveratrol

    Some 33 years ago researcher John Pezzuto searched the world for the most potent natural molecules that quell cancer, and among 30,000 molecules studied his striking recommendation was to study resveratrol, known as a red wine molecule, because of its ability to block all three stages of cancer – – initiation, growth and metastasis (spread) – – something no cancer drug can do.  Only now is the scientific world beginning to recognize the powerful anti-cancer activities of resveratrol.

    The most potent weapon against cancer inside your body is a population of white blood cells called natural killer (NK) cells.  These NK cells work directly on roaming cancer cells by injecting a toxin into the tumor cell and killing it.  The strikingly destructive effect of NK cells on cancer cells is demonstrated in the following video.


    The red wine molecule resveratrol activates NK cells by virtue of its ability to secrete interferon-gamma (interferon-y) and work with a signaling molecule called interleukin-2 to regulate the activity of NK cells.  Interferon-gamma is a master immune system regulator (called a checkpoint regulator).

    A study published in the Journal of Innate Immunity compared various antioxidants, vitamins and other food nutrients for their ability to activate interferon-gamma and therefore elevate natural killer cell activity.  The graphic above reveals just how powerful resveratrol is in comparison to other natural molecules in regard to NK-cell activation.

    Now cast your eyes on the above chart.  It reveals the reduction in the volume of a tumor when resveratrol and another internally secreted protein molecule (interleukin-2) are investigated.  A modest dose of resveratrol achieved with dietary supplementation was able to shrink an experimentally induced tumor in a laboratory animal to such a small size that an arrow has to point it out for viewers here.

    Another report published in the Journal of Free Radical Research reveals that 90% of cancer treatment failures are caused by chemotherapy resistance.

    One of the major internal antioxidants in all living cells is glutathione (glu-ta-thy-on).  Glutathione can oxidize to form what is called the glutathione thiyl radical (a radical is an unstable molecule).  Resveratrol conjugates (connects) with this glutathione thiyl radical.  Over 77.6% of resveratrol connects to this molecular radical (unstable molecule).  Oxidized glutathione makes it difficult for anti-cancer drugs difficult to reach cancer cells.  The connection of resveratrol with this oxidized form of glutathione negates this interference.  Researchers conclude that resveratrol is “a new route to more effective chemotherapy.”

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