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  • Meta-Analysis (88 Studies) Reveals Polyphenols Like Those In Longevinex® Control Blood Sugar

    February 15, 2020: by Bill Sardi

    The reviewers analyzed 88 published human studies involving a class of molecules called polyphenols like those used in Longevinex.  Molecules like resveratrol, quercetin, fisetin, IP6 rice bran, and report these molecules exert profound control over blood sugar, particularly among diabetics.

    Blood sugar was only modestly reduced (-3.32 milligrams/deciliter of blood) in healthy adults (as it should be) but had a more demonstrative effect among diabetics (-5.86 mg/dL) and diabetics on anti-diabetic medication (-10.17 mg/dL).

    The report was issued by European researchers in the European Journal of Nutrition.  It can no longer be said that polyphenols like resveratrol are unproven.  ####

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