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  • The Non-Future of Anti-Aging Pills

    September 5, 2019: by Bill Sardi

    LONGEVINEX® Nutraceutical Passes Scientific Scrutiny, But Will It Ever Gain Political Approval Or Hurdle Anti-Competitive Practices?

    Overcoming Covert Competition

    It was May of 2017.  I was on the telephone explaining to a Washington Post medical reporter that a major scientific breakthrough was about to be announced at an international scientific meeting of eye researchers (ARVO) in nearby Baltimore.  The Washington Post had been purchased by Jeff Bezos, chief executive four years earlier in 2013.

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  • Is It Time To Throw Away Your Anti-aging Pills Now That There Is Only A Remote Possibility Of Living 120 Healthy Years?

    August 16, 2019: by Bill Sardi

    Estimated Number Of Super-Centenarians (110+ Years Of Age) Vastly Declines Once Birth Certificates Are Used For Confirmation

    In this “aging is optional” era, with many middle-age longevity seekers eyeing the prospect of living 120 healthy years, a newly published study says the possibility of living that long is remote.  So, shall longevity seekers throw away their anti-aging pills and save their money?

    In a world of “fake news” it is not surprising to learn that the reported number of super-centenarians (110+ years of age) around the world, concentrated in so-called “blue zones” around the globe (Okinawa, Japan; Ikaria in Greece; the isle of Sardinia near Italy), are largely comprised of oldsters with no birth certificates to prove they have lived eleven decades and/or whose families have not reported their deaths in order to maintain delivery of government retirement checks.

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  • Re-Thinking The Anti-Aging Pill

    August 5, 2019: by Bill Sardi

    Longevity seekers have heard all this before, but we hear more today:

    “Anti-Ageing drugs are coming” – New Scientist April 2019; Medical Xpress Sept. 2018

    “Longevity and anti-aging research: prime time for an impact on the globe” – Harvard Gazette March 2019

    “Healthy To 100?”  — San Diego Union Tribune July 2019

    You may be alive when the first anti-aging pill is granted approval by health authorities. Or hve one or two already materialized but just dismissed by those who seek to control the anti-aging marketplace?  Or will public health authorities ever let an anti-aging pill gain traction?

    Anti-aging investigator Josh Mitteldorf says “it may soon be possible to measure changes in the rate of human aging over periods as short as a year or two” instead of the impractical challenge of a lifetime study in humans to produce conclusive evidence.

    Don’t hold your breath for the first human trial of an purported anti-aging pill (anti-diabetic drug metformin/Glucophage) is about to begin, and will take 5-7 years to complete.  But metformin only increased lifespan in lab animals by 4-6%.

    Is the public being set up for disappointment that will dash or delay the approval of more promising anti-aging agents?  And given that metformin may induce vitamin deficiencies and other side effects such as chronic diarrhea, I wouldn’t be surprised if the study were sponsored by the makers of Depend® adult diapers.

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  • Resveratrol Serves To Allay Anxiety & Mental Depression Via A Newly Discovered Pathway

    July 30, 2019: by Bill Sardi

    Researchers now say the red wine molecule resveratrol “opens a new door for depression and anxiety” treatment because it has been found, for the first time, to shut off an enzyme in the brain thought to excite these adverse mental states.  Resveratrol is non-prescription and non-addictive and according to data accumulated by the Poison Control Centers of America over the past decade, very safe.  A just-published laboratory study in the journal Neuropharmacology confirms resveratrol convincingly inhibits anxiety/depression-like behavior in mice.  Animals could handle stress better.

    Wine won’t do

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  • 29 Million Aspirin Users Should Stop Taking Aspirin For Heart Health & Take Resveratrol Pills Instead

    July 23, 2019: by Bill Sardi

    Health authorities now warn 29 million American adults they should cease taking aspirin tablets for heart health, given there are no benefits and only serious side effects such as bleeding gastric ulcers and brain hemorrhages, not to mention anemia, heartburn, vitamin C depletion and death.  Resveratrol, the red wine molecule, is suggested as a replacement as it:

    1. thins the blood and inhibits clotting in coronary arteries like aspirin is alleged to do;
    2. lowers inflammation as a Cox and TNF inhibitor;
    3. can be used when aspirin resistance sets in,
    4. helps to dilate (widen) blood vessels to improve circulation;
    5. and pre-conditions heart muscle to produce intracellular antioxidant enzymes (glutathione, catalase, SOD) that protect the heart PRIOR to a heart attack, called cardiac pre-conditioning.

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  • Free Longevinex® Offered To Mars Space Travelers

    July 18, 2019: by Bill Sardi

    Oh, that’s just a headline to gain your attention.  However, it is based upon recently published science (Frontiers in Physiology July 18, 2019) showing the red wine molecule RESVERATROL “mitigated” partial (0.38 g) gravity conditions as found on the planet Mars in laboratory animals.

    Resveratrol was shown to preserve muscle function and mitigate muscle atrophy (shrinkage) in partial gravity conditions among laboratory mice.  Scientifically resveratrol is already known as a physical exercise mimetic.

    While there are zero space travelers to Mars at the present time, this research has application to humans living into their eighth and ninth decades who experience bone and muscle loss, a condition called sarcopenia.

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  • Gut Bacteria Pills Reduce Inconsequential Markers of Heart Disease; Resveratrol May Be A Better Alternative

    July 10, 2019: by Bill Sardi

    If cholesterol, body weight and insulin resistance are true drivers of heart disease then the revelation that a certain strain of gut bacteria, when given to overweight individuals, cut these risk factors in half, could shake up modern medicine’s understanding of cardiovascular health.  The anatomical center of heart disease would move from the liver where cholesterol is formed to the intestines below the stomach where trillions of bacteria reside.

    Before you jump to co conclusions and run to the health shop to find the Pasteurized Akkermansia muciniphila strain of gut bacteria responsible for modification of these pre-disease markers in the present study that is making news headlines, there may be some better alternatives. – namely the red wine pill resveratrol

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  • Resveratrol Supercharges Vitamin D. Vitamin D Supercharges Resveratrol

    July 7, 2019: by Bill Sardi

    There comes a time to reveal a trade secret.  Longevinex® has combined resveratrol + vitamin D in its patented formula for many years now.  It is only recently becoming known that these two fat-soluble nutrients synergize each other, revealing why Longevinex® has exceeded the biological activity of plain resveratrol by many fold in lab dish and animal experiments.

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  • Don’t Tell Me I’m Stupid For Taking A Resveratrol Pill

    June 30, 2019: by Bill Sardi

    In a recent column I wrote, I issued a choice of answers to the question: “What would convince you to take an anti-aging pill?” A number of Longevinex® users responded they were convinced to take this red-wine molecule resveratrol pill over a decade ago, began experiencing unusual health and vitality and have never regretted their bet that this anti-aging pill works.  Since then they have accumulated a decade of knowledge at that has confirmed their adoption of an anti-aging pill into their daily health regimen has so far, delivered on its promises.

    Given there is no way to conclusively know an anti-aging pill works until we live past the age of 100 in good health, we all make a bet on our future when we take a so-called anti-aging pill.  Betting on an anti-aging pill is similar to Blaise Pascal’s “wager,” a logical way of thinking about the existence of God.

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  • What Would Convince You To Take An Anti-Aging Pill?

    June 6, 2019: by Bill Sardi


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