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  • Has The French Paradox Effect Vanished? That’s Absurd

    May 15, 2014: by Bill Sardi

    A man was overheard while standing in the checkout line at a Trader Joe’s market with a bottle of wine in his hand wondering out loud if wine drinking was worth it any more after hearing a recent news report saying the latest long-term (9-year) study showed wine drinking did not lower overall mortality rates among senior adults living in a wine-growing region in Italy.  Ah, would even the Italians back away from their traditional wine drinking?

    What they should be backing away from is tobacco.  My linked report explains the whole mess and reveals how modern medicine is fabricating false information about dietary supplements to no end. [Has The So-Called French Paradox Vanished, Or Just Obscured By A Tobacco Smoke Screen? ] Examine the science for yourself.

    Speaking in an INTELLIGENT MEDICINE podcast, noted alternative medicine specialist Ron Hoffman MD recently said it appears modern medicine is orchestrating repeated attacks against dietary supplements.  A malicious and poorly substantiated report against the use of multivitamins published late last year (Enough Is Enough: Stop Wasting Money on Vitamin and Mineral Supplements, Annals Internal Medicine Dec 17, 2013) was followed three months later by a scurrilous criticism of fish oil supplements (Clinical Trial Evidence and Use of Fish Oil Supplements (JAMA Internal Medicine March 2014).  You might want to read my rebuttal on multivitamins entitled “Enough of ‘Enough Is Enough’.”  [Knowledge of Health Feb 24, 2014]

    The latest negative report against dietary supplements that suggests wine drinkers abandon consumption of the bubbly for health reasons leads us to guess that these factitious reports are either intended to fuel onerous restrictions against healthy foods and supplements or are just plain scare tactics to frighten the public away.

    Watch for my INTELLIGENT MEDICINE podcast interview with host Dr. Ronald Hoffman, founder of the HOFFMAN CENTER for alternative medicine in New York City.

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