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  • Chilling Report: Chemicals In Modern Environment Alter Hormones, Promote Inflammation & Disease; Two Natural Molecules Showcased As Antidotes

    June 12, 2012: by Bill Sardi

    We hear of potential problems associated with exposure to herbicides and pesticides, artificial sweeteners, drugs in tap water, heavy metals, plasticizers, petroleum products, bisphenol A hormone disruptor in the lining of tin cans, as well as chlorine, fluoride, and hundreds of other chemicals.  Maybe some human exposure to trivial doses of potential toxins is harmless and is rapidly negated or excreted by detoxification systems within the human body, but what about all of them representing a total modern chemical/environmental threat?  A study of these aggregate toxins may be beyond what modern toxicology can examine.

    Researchers Melissa L Sokolosky and Michael J Wargovich at the Hollings Cancer Center, Medical University of South Carolina, explore reasons why there are certain less developed geographical regions in the world that exhibit a 26-fold lower incidence for colon/rectal cancer compared to areas where more advanced human civilizations live.  This fact suggests something having to do with modern living is involved in the promotion of cancer.

    A rapid rise in the incidence of colon cancer in Japan and Korea since 1985 that parallels the adoption of western culture and foods further suggests there are environmental rather than inherited factors in play.

    Drs. Sokolosky and Wargovich say something has knocked human “homeostasis” out of whack.  Human homeostasis is defined as “the internal state necessary for establishment of systemic equilibrium and maintenance of stability.”  In less than a century, this state has been dramatically altered.

    A western diet, high in omega-6 oils (corn oil) and low in omega-3 oils (fish, flaxseed oil), high in fat and refined sugars and low in outdoor sunshine exposure for natural vitamin D synthesis, promotes inflammation, the hallmark of all disease.

    For a variety of known and unknown reasons, chronic inflammation and a perpetual state of wound healing appears to be in play which can trigger new blood vessel growth that feeds tumors and invades the back of the eyes and destroys vision.

    But this is not the case in African, East Indian and Eastern Mediterranean countries where indigenous unprocessed foods are consumed.

    Most troubling are the synthetic estrogen-like molecules found in plastics, metal can linings (bisphenol A), dental sealants, polycarbonate plastics and the ink used in cash register receipts.  Bisphenol A is found in 90% of individuals tested.  It can disrupt hormones and alter behavior as well as set up a predilection for cancer.

    The most commonly used herbicide, atrazine, which is used in 75% of cornfields and is prevalent in drinking water, has been demonstrated to feminize fish, amphibians and reptiles.

    Daily low-dose exposure is what troubles investigators.  Some of these synthetic substances may work synergistically to produce toxic effects that are much greater than their sum.

    The red wine molecule resveratrol (rez-vair-ah-troll) and EGCG from green tea are posed as antidotes to modern civilization by these authors.

    You can read the entire report by clicking here (click on full text in right-hand bar menu).

    Copyright 2012 Bill Sardi, Knowledge of Health, Inc.

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