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  • Your Biological Age Could Be Over 100 Or As Low As 20 Say Aging Researchers

    February 17, 2020: by Bill Sardi

    There are vast differences in biological aging in Americans due to dietary and environmental “epigenetic” factors that switch genes on or off.  Of the estimated 25,000 genes in every cell in the human body, these genes vary widely in their protein-making (epigenetics).

    Researchers now report <>  they found a 66-year old had the biological age of 114 while a 59-year old was biologically 23.  Differences in smoking rates, obesity and stress were identified as drivers of aging.

    In a landmark report entitled “Is 60 the new 50,” authored by the same researchers mentioned above, data spanning 22 years (from 1988 to 2010) was examined.  Researchers found there has been a profound change towards younger biological age in recent times <>  among U.S. adults.  Older adults, especially males, exhibited the greatest improvements or declines in biological age.

    A graphic from that study <>  clearly shows smoking status (never, former, current) and weight range (normal, overweight, obese) are responsible for 3.73 times greater biological aging in the most frequent smokers and obese individuals.


    A major but overlooked finding is that these changes occurred when aging accelerates, past age 40.  While young males experienced greater improvements in biological age than young females, aging doesn’t actually begin biologically until menopause for females.

    Population-wise, if younger males had not become more obese over time they would have experienced a -38% decrease in biological age as a group.  For females, there would have been a remarkable -72% decrease in aging if there was no obesity.   ####

    Chart: biological age comparison

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