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  • When The Time Is Right – – – Resveratrol

    February 1, 2011: by ResveratrolNews

    Erectile dysfunction is a sign of poor circulation and/or high blood sugar which many men depressingly face.  Selling at prices up to $18 a pill online, Viagra is the best known pill that induces blood vessels in the penis to widen (dilate) and harden the male organ.  Cialis and Levitra are other widely-promoted brands of male potency pills.  In the animal laboratory, elevated blood sugar was chemically induced to produce erectile dysfunction and then vardenafil (Levitra) was compared against resveratrol, a widely available herbal supplement that is known to dilate blood vessels in the same manner.  Resveratrol was comparable to vardenafil and when both were used there was greater effect.  The biggest advantage for resveratrol is that it has many other health benefits. Source: Jan 26, 2011 release at the Journal of Sexual Medicine –

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