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  • Resveratrol Improves All Measures Of Cardiovascular Health Even When Instituted Months After A Stroke

    May 11, 2018: by Bill Sardi

    The use of 100 milligrams of supplemental resveratrol (rez-vair-a-trol) among post-stroke patients (average age 65) improves all measures of health compared to standard medical treatment including body mass index, blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose and hemoglobin A1c, a measure of long-term blood sugar control.

    In some patients resveratrol was instituted months after the occurrence of a stroke but still produced a positive result.  No strokes reoccurred during the study period in any group (control group/standard medical treatment or resveratrol group).

    Regarding dose, a 200 milligram dose did not produce a significant improvement over 100 milligrams of resveratrol.  Researchers conclude resveratrol should be employed in post-stroke care.

    Approximately 795,000 Americans suffer a stroke each year and ~23% (182,850) will suffer a second stroke.   Among people who have had a minor stroke, 43% are at risk for another stroke within 10 years and 42% died.

    About 90% of strokes are attributed to 10 risk factors, the most obvious being high blood pressure.   According to The Stroke Association, an estimated 7.2 million Americans have had a stroke.

    According to WebMD the financial costs of strokes in the U.S. will soar to more than $2.2 trillion over the next 45 years, which is almost what the U.S. federal government currently collects in taxes each year.

    Comparison chart: post stroke care


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