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  • Resveratrol Blocks Protein Linked With Alzheimer’s Disease

    July 7, 2010: by Bill Sardi

    Clusterin, a protein that appears to regulate both the toxicity and conversion of beta amyloid brain plaque into insoluble forms, hits the news pages this morning as a possible marker for Alzheimer’s disease.  Elevated levels of clusterin in blood serum could predict Alzheimer’s disease years before its occurrence.  The report is published in the July issue of Archives of Psychiatry.

    According to The Alzheimer’s Society, clusterin levels were linked with the occurrence, progression and severity of the disease (shrinkage of the brain and memory impairment).

    This “news story” is not new.  It was announced that clusterin is associated with Alzheimer’s disease last year (2009).

    While today’s news story about clusterin does not give any hint of ways to block formation of clusterin, of interest is a 2007 study which reported that resveratrol (rez-vair-ah-trawl), known as a red wine molecule, blocks the production of this protein.  © 2010 Bill Sardi, Resveratrol News July 2010


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