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  • Longevinex® Activates Sirtuin3 – A Gene Found To Be Essential In Producing The Beneficial Health Effects Of A Longevity (Calorie-Restricted) Diet

    November 19, 2010: by Bill Sardi

    Mice lacking the Sirtuin3 gene develop hearing loss via the production of free radicals that damage the power plants (mitochondria) within living cells, said researchers in a newly published report in the journal CELL today.

    Researchers report the Sirtuin3 gene is essential in producing the health and longevity effects of a limited calorie diet. The Sirtuin3 gene increases antioxidant activity (glutathione, pronounced glu-tah-thigh-on) in mitochondrial compartments within living cells, thus preventing age-related hearing loss. The mitochondria are small organelles that a found within living cells that produce cellular energy in the form of adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

    So far Sirtuin3 has taken a back seat to Sirtuin1 in longevity research, but possibly the entire family of Sirtuin “survival genes” will eventually be linked to longevity mechanisms. The entire research report can be viewed here.

    sirtuins: Graph

    In a separate study, Longevinex®, a low-dose, resveratrol-based nutriceutical, was recently found to upregulate the activity of both the Sirtuin1 and Sirtuin3 genes in rodent heart tissue, as shown in the above diagrams. – Copyright 2010 Bill Sardi. Not for posting at other websites.


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