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  • Living At The Front Edge Of Molecular Medicine: The Story Of Joyce H. Brown, PhD, Naturopathic doctor

    March 22, 2011: by Bill Sardi

    The life of Joyce H. Brown has been chronicled on her website,

    Interested parties can read her whole life story there, which tells of her life-long health challenges, which include inexplicable maladies that even perplexed her doctors, chronic injuries emanating for many auto accidents, and even a near-death experience.  And then her house burned to the ground.  The sum of these experiences resulted in Dr. Joyce writing a popular book entitled Heavenly Answers For Earthly Challenges (initially self-published in 1997 and demand for copies continue.)

    With the writing of that book, Dr. Joyce began to receive phone calls from many desperate people around the world, some who were contemplating the idea of intentionally ending their lives.  Since then Dr. Joyce has counseled many people to hold onto life rather than end it.

    Joyce Brown with Bill Sardi

    Joyce Brown with Bill Sardi

    So it became ironic that this woman, living in her 77th year, who had helped many, was now thinking of putting her affairs in order in preparation for living out the final days of her life.  She began laying out some valuables to give to loved ones.  What had brought this still vigorous woman to this point?

    Dr. Joyce began losing her sight.  Her vision was so bad she had to use a flashlight just to see a glass of water at her bedside.   Joyce Brown:

    • Could not see the time on a clock face
    • Could not make out faces
    • Couldn’t see numbers on the telephone
    • Has hearing loss and could no longer lip read

    Her vision suddenly began to deteriorate in April of 2009.  Eye doctors injected medicine directed into her eyes to save her sight.  The eye injections, instilled by needle directly into the white of the eyes, were painful, but they were initially restoring her sight.

    While the injectable medicine has been a recent god-send for many, it soon began to lose its effect for Dr Joyce.  She had undergone 27 injections.  She was barely holding on to her progressively limited eyesight.  Now what?

    She heard about Longevinex® and called to find out if it would be of any nutritional benefit.  In her desperation, she thought she might be grasping for straws.  She was traveling to Mexico to undergo over-the-border treatment there.  But the intravenous treatment had been tried before, without benefit to her vision.

    Longevinex® capsules arrived by rush delivery at the hotel where she was staying in San Diego.  On January 5, 2011 she began taking one capsule per day faithfully.

    A few days later, on January 10, she had laid down for a nap and when she awoke, she found her vision had suddenly been restored.  Her vision improved until she:

    • Could thread a needle today (1-15-2011)
    • Can see people’s faces now, lip read now
    • Red spot in right one eye disappeared
    • Passed her driver’s license renewal eye exam

    Otherwise hopeless, Dr. Joyce Brown believes God answered her prayers.

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